Bio English – Jongleur Guido van Hout

juggler Guido van Hout with crown of LED juggling clubsIn his work Guido van Hout combines the art of juggling with elements from movement theatre, visual theatre and dance. He studied circus in Brussels and did a bachelor in movement theatre and theatrical creation at the «S cuola Teatro Dimitri » in Ticino. Guido van Hout  holds a master in musicology, co-founded the Dutch Juggling Association and plays in the Gandini Juggling Company. Besides performing Guido is a speaker at corporate events where he teaches on the art of keeping several balls in the air.

Interest and specialities: Juggling (clubs, balls, selected everyday items), improvisation, rhythm, physical and visual theater, movement and dance, site specific work, yoga and kinomichi.

Musical instruments: Clarinet and recorders

Languages: Dutch, Italian, English, French, bit of German and some Spanish

Juggler Guido van Hout with bleu bottlesPersonal work by Guido van Hout:

jongleur guido van houtFormal education:

Masterclasses of a week or longer:

Contemporary Juggling:

Intensive selfstudie from practical ‘to-do’ books:

  • Body and Earth: an Experiental Guide (A. Olsen)
  • Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming (S. Laberge)
  • Wisdom of the Body Moving: an Introduction to BMC (L. Hartley)
  • Spreken en Zingen (A.M. Eldar)
  • Body Space Image (M. Tuffnell & C. Crickmay)
  • The Viewpoints Book (A. Bogart & T. Landau)
  • Yoga: L’armonia delle Sequenze (G. C. Al-Chamali)
  • Neue Schule fuer Klarinette (E. Koch)
  • l’Arte del Movimento (R. Laban)
  • la Tête aux Pieds (O. Rouquet)