Bell Tent Shows


Bell Tent Shows

Bell tent shows are brief shows performed in a bell tent. Unique is the smallness: The performance area is a few square meters, leaving space for an audience of ca. 25 members. This gives a special personal atmosphere. Thanks to show lenght of around 10 minutes a lot of people can share this experience. From the outside the bell tent is an eye-catiching appearance of pointy shapes and pale sand coloured cotton.

The performances are mainly self-supporting. At the moment the choices are:

Blue Bottles

OR Slow-Motion Juggling

Bell Tent Show practically:

  • Duration: in consultation, continuous up to 3 x an hour
  • Building time: 3 hours
  • Space needed: 10 x 8 meters, flat and with possibility to put tent pegs. These are the same pegs as used for holiday camping
  • Current: 220 volt within 15 meters