Revolving Dry Drops – Jongleur Guido van Hout


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Mesmerizing performance with Revolving Dry Drops

In the show formerly entitled Blauwe Flessen (Blue Bottles), I juggle with blue, drop-shaped glass bottles. The performance is a combination of dynamic visual art and juggling technique. In a dark space bottles roll over a white surface in complex patterns. Also i make them move ‘on their own’ and balance them fragilly on top of one another. During this all, the moving bottles make bizarre sounds and break and reflect the light. A short, mesmerizing performance with blue bottles. See below for a video on Bleu Bottles.


We will need a space that is dark and has a flat area of at least 2 x 2 meter. This is for the performance. We would also need some space for the audience.  I will bring everything we will need for the performance including a soft floor, small prepared table, sounds an lights. The last I operate myself as part of the show. We would only need a normal connection for a current of 220V. The act’s duration is 10 minutes. It can play continously. Before every show I can attract and collect an audience. Then I bring them in. A very suitabele location would be a standard 20 feet seaship container. They are cheap to rent and I have a fitting decoration for the outside of such a container. Of course other performance spaces could be suitable as well.  If you have a place or event in mind, I would recommend to contact me for an appointment for a brainstorm. I would be pleased to hear from you.


Check my availability or ask for any specific info.  Mail: or call directly 0031 (0)6 50 868 424 (Guido). Or get in touch  with me through the contactpage. I would be pleased to think along with you.


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