Juggling workshop

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Juggling workshop

Breaking routines and focusing on several balls at once.

Juggling is fun to do and a great way to learn on: keeping several balls in the air, the art of letting go and breaking habits, routines and patterns. Participants will have fun together, learn how to juggle 3 balls and get unexpected insights. They get to know better each other and themselves and go home with a fun new skill that strings together with your message through analogies.


Beforehand we will have contact on your wishes for the workshop and your message. In the workshop we will juggling individually, in changing pairs, and work together as one group. I’m happy to show some of my skills in a fitting presentation and like to keep an eye on the fun-aspect.

Practical information

  • Duration: 20 minutes – 2 hours.
  • Number of participant: 1 – 500
  • Space: free of breakable items, about 3 square meters for each partipant. It doesn’t have to be very high.


Mail: guidovanhout@gmail.com I’m happy to brainstorm with you on a juggling activity.