Mobile LED performer – Jongleur Guido van Hout

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Mobile LED performer by gentleman juggler Guido van Hout

The gentleman juggler dresses up your event visually. He brings mobile LED performances there where the impact is biggest. He moves in a stylish suit between your guests and entertains, bewonders and amazes them with his art. He magnetizes the onlookers with juggling balls and clubs, that emmit coloured light.

Flexible, suitable for your event:

Depending on the situation the gentleman juggler interacts with your guests, or is present in the background as part of the atmosphere. If it fits your event, he comes with a stylish suitcase that plays music. Music that suits your event. The juggler is there where his presence has most impact.

Practical information:

Suitable for: events, parties, festivals, receptions,…

Duration: 3 x 30 minutes

Music: The juggler comes with a stylish musical suitcase, or juggles on the music of the event.


Get in touch for a brainstorm. Mail or call directly at +31 (0)6 50 868 424 (Guido). We can think together.