Villa Verdraaid theatre

Welcome in the magical world of Villa Verdraaid! Where ghosts float, tables dance and de flight of juggling clubs can be stopped at any moment…..

Wietske Vogels and Guido van Hout combine their strengths in this cheerfull family show that merges theatre and circus. Wietske has a passion for rings and Guido juggles with all kinds of objects. Together they play at a high level with gravity and as brother and sister they love making each other lives complicated.

villa-verdraaid-foto-megan-zondervanPractical information:

  • Duration of the performance: 40 minutes (short version 30 minutes)
  • Space needed: 7m width / 7m deep / 5.5m high + possibility to hang aerial hoop, giant lamp and floating hats from the ceiling. (Alternativily we bring our 6 metres high free standing installation for aerials)
  • audience: 4+

Villa Verdraaid has been made possible thanks to the support of: City of Utrecht, BNG Cultuurfonds, Carel Nengerman Fonds, Circunstruction, Werkplaats Diepenheim, ZIMIHC theater Zuilen en jeugdcircus Bon Bourgon

villa verdraaid theater